LG G3 is water-resistant? See for yourself

LG G3 is water resistantd
The LG G3 had been praised severally in the past for being such a next-gen, hi-tech device but one of the few things many people use to compare the phone negatively with other top Android flagships like the Sony Xperia Z2 and Samsung Galaxy S5 is the absence of dust and water resistance.

It’s not written anywhere in the manual, or on the box that contains the device when sold, or even on the product page, that the LG G3 is water resistant. But then that doesn’t mean the smartphone isn’t completely allergic to moisture.

The video you are going to watch below shows how the LG G3 kept on working after being left with the screen on in water for over two hours.

However, even though the phone came out alive, the water still managed to enter through the covers. We do not know if the water damaged the phone afterwards.

So, your are the judge, is the LG G3 is water-resistant?

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