LG G3 gets NSA certification months after Samsung Galaxy S5

LG G3 Matrix
LG has just earned a valid NSA (National Security Agency) and NIAP (National Information Assurance Partnership) certification for the Korean company’s flagship LG G3 smartphone.

The NSA requires smartphones to pass the NIAP test before they are deemed safe to carry classified information at government agencies in the United States of America. However, Korean arch-rivals, Samsung, had clinched to the honor with the Galaxy S5 back in July.

LG didn’t fail to praise itself about the new unlocked achievement as Morris Lee, senior vice president of sales marketing at LG Mobile said, “We will offer a high level of security and flexibility for our North American consumers.”

According to Strategy Analytics, LG recently recorded it’s highest-ever market share in the United States with 16.3 percent of all smartphones sold in the North American country during the third quarter of 2014.

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