LG G3 S (mini LG G3) pictured ahead of announcement

Many Android OEMs have a way of making smaller, mini or compact variants of their flagships every year. The Oppo N1 mini and Samsung’s Galaxy S5 mini are typical examples.

Well, LG is no exception as it is making or rather have made a smaller variant of it’s LG G3 flagship. The concept of making a mini is to get the specs of the original phone down to a smaller screen body and the major target is people who don’t like carrying big phones as that’s ideology behind most flagship phones.

LG G3 S pictures3   LG G3 S pictures
The LG G3 S is going to be this year’s LG mini flagship. And it’s small. But that doesn’t stop it from striking an identical physical appearance as it’s bigger G3 sibling.

LG G3 S pictures2
The G3 S hasn’t been announced yet, but courtesy of insiders, we know what to expect from LG. Yje smartphone is coming with a 5-inch HD screen, 8MP rear and 1.3MP front camera.

A 1.2GHz quad-core CPU, 1GB of RAm and a 2540mAh battery, are all expected in the LG G3 S.

The pictures posted within this article was gotten from a Russian phone dealer that got them for promotion of the phone when it arrives, beforehand. Thanks Russian.

We were even told that the LG G3 S will be sold at RUB 13,990 ( about $406) in Russia when it finally breaks cover though a specific date wasn’t mentioned.

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