LG G4 users have started receiving Android 6.0 Marshmallow

LG has weighed its options well as concerns the launch of the Android Marshmallow OS to some of its devices and some of the decisions that has been made by the phone manufacturer is paying off. Given that the brand doesn’t have a very strong market in Poland, the Android Marshmallow 6.0 was first released to the LG G4 users in Poland and the progress was observed. After being sure that no major issues popped up, LG has now extended its hand of Marshmallow kindness to the G4 users situated in South Korea.

The Android Marshmallow comes with its own perks, most significant being the Doze feature that allows you get so much more out of your battery by helping you cut back on apps that drain your battery juice.

The Marshmallow update also brings a feature that allows you install an application without being forced to accept all preset permissions that it comes with. There’s also a support for the fingerprint scanner on board. Following the installation of the 6.0 upgrade, LG’s native applications such as the Q+ and Bridge have been respectively renamed to Memo Capture + and the LG Air Drive.

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