LG G5 Debut Feature Revealed

LG G5 might be the first device that has Magic Slot modules, LG fans will not be failed this time as the company wants its fans out there to be amazed on its upcoming flagship smartphones that has attachable modules and all new handset accessories.

LG G5 Debut Feature Revealed

LG’s upcoming G6 handset rumored to have a unique feature identified as Magic Slot this will allow G5 to expand the hardware load-out. It has been difficult to tell what this external module is. As of now there has no indication of the specific function on the device.

Some tech experts believed that G5 will have its debut launch as first handset that bespoke accessories. Some hardware components attach to G5 via Magic Slot at bottom, while other attachment still be independent, but controlled by a certain company developed app called the LG Friends Manager.

One modules of the device is the LG Cam Plus battery grip designed for those who love photography. Serves as balancing grip that provides hardware buttons like zoom, flash, and shutter, it also powered by 1,100 mAh battery.

The second module is the digital audio called LG HiFi Plus. This is for improved quality of the sound and made by the popular high-end electronics maker Olufsen. This module also enhances the audio coming from other device connected to it.

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