LG G5 Needs Great Software In Order To Conquer Snmartphone Market

Undeniably LG is a great manufacturer capable of producing brilliant hardware and well considered smartphone designs. The LG G2 has thin bezels, unlike any other device on smartphone market when it launched.

LG G5 Needs Great Software

Likewise, G3 the first mainstream smartphone that able to feature Quad HD display, G4 added to what we known as the best cameras we have seen on Android phone and gave us option of really attractive, comfortable leather back panels.

Thinking about last year’s LG’s G-series flagship devices, LG got much right with G4. It distinguished itself from Korean competitor’s phones by just offering flexible battery and external storage options and a a customizable appearance thanks to various colors of interchangeable device shells that included attractive leather options. If you had little time and patience, you can add your own wireless charging with the help of affordable third party Qi-sensor.

To make everything short, in my opinion (readers are free to disagree with me), I believed that LG’s software is historically inefficient, ugly in many parts, and redundant. If G5 is going to be a great phone as what other say, the software needs a re think and strip-down, because if all rumors are accurate, the hardware will be incredible.

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