LG G5 Teaser Specs and Benchmark Score

One week from date, LG is set to launch its latest flagship phone LG G5 in the market.  The company is playing something with its latest phone, and now they are teasing its fans about some details  ahead of its scheduled launch date this coming 21st of February.

LG G5 Teaser Hardware Specification Week Before Launch

Until now LG G5 hardware specs remains a mystery though there are rumors about its benchmarks that partially confirms its latest device processor. According to a known benchmark sites GeekBench, LG G5 with F700 as its model number reportedly powered by Snapdragon processor coupled with 4 gigabytes of device RAM.

The information seems giving and idea about those who love to install apps on its device as it has plenty of room for it, one thing we like with LG devices was that it is not aggressive about its device process does it leads to unresponsive and even the worst closing apps like as what to Samsung. So with its higher device RAM it means that this will be used. And based form record, the device will be suppoered with Android 6.0.1 added with new emojii.

While not all of the market knows the disappointments with Snapdragon 820, this does not sound surprising because it most flagship phones uses this processor. Other rumored hardware specs include modular design with a swappable battery, at 5.6 inches Quad display, a 20 Megapixel camera, and new design.

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