LG G5 Unveiled Ahead On Mobile World Congress 2016

lg g5 Quick preview

LG unveiled its G5’s Cover case ahead of this year’s official launch. The company will launch its new smarphone this February 21 during the Mobile World Congress 2016.

LG’s semi transparent cover case with touch function, this is what we saw on LG K10 Cover View. The said device function let users take immediate call. Control the settings of the alarms opening the cover fully. The date, time and the notification is also visible, on what we mentioned on our recent post about its “always on” feature.

LG added a ‘unique’ film with glossy metal design finish in order to enhance its look and feel of device cover. Unlike its previous LG series, the LG G5 cover case is a rectangular type window instead of circle.

lg g5 Quick preview

In some news, LG G5 purportedly passed the recent benchmarking website by Geekbench, revealing information about its specification. As per benchmark results of the device that was codenamed as LGE LG-F700S, G5 to be run by Android 6.0.1 and house a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with 4 gigabyte RAM.

Bases on leaks that we found out earlier, G5 has dual camera setup. G5 is rumored to have 16 megapixel camera on rear with a 135 wide angle view. As what many said that the device has a ticker display feature, like what we saw on LG V10.

Other details of the device tipped us that it has 5.3 inch display, with a Magic Slot, believed to be a hardware expansion and 32 gigabyte inbuilt phone storage.

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