LG G5’s ‘Always On’ Screen Feature Gains Popularity

The latest flagship device from LG G5 set a major launch from its previous flagship devices, with a whole new design that features unusual changes and renovations, now the company announced its new features.

LG G5 Always On Feature

The information was posted on Facebook and we managed to reproduce some images show on the post above. So here’s the catch, the upcoming phone reveals a unique feature tagged as “Always –ON”, from the word alone it clearly says that the phone never while most other do.

This new feature does not mean that the screen will display everything and will never shut off. Well, to make it clear, after setting the customized time for the switch the screen will now display basic things to know like date, time and the notification in 2 mono colors black and white. That is not the major catch as what Motorola has in 2013 to its active notification in the phone, this suggests that LG should look something unique and perhaps could switch to screen technology for its G5.

Screens displays built with OLED do not use much conventional backlights, so therefore they can save much power when other parts of the screen is used, so this idea might work on LG’s new feature, as LCD consume much power as what in its G4, so switching to OLED might be a better solution for them to fully initialize the “always On” feature.

But rumors points out the G5 will not be using OLED, and LG is still experimenting similar functions putting secondary display aside from the primary LG display.

But in the end LG will officially announce its new flagship device the G5 this 21st of February, to that date we will find out what G5 really made of.

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