LG G6 could launch with pre-installed Google Assistant

The kind of battle that is going on between the duo of Samsung and LG is not one that is just on the surface, and the fact that both of them share the same base of operations doesn’t help matters at all. 

While the former company has been the one raking in the major cash year after year, the latter is not resting on its oars likewise, and it seems that they are set to make their next flagships go to war against each other now.

Already, we have heard some rumours that Samsung is planning to revamp its AI system and introduce an assistant called Bixby into the Galaxy S8 due for launch next month. To better compete and counter this measure, LG cannot afford not to go the way of AI too. In a bid to reduce the event of their AI being sub-standard, LG has taken the game to the big names and have asked Google for help. 
If things go according to what we have heard, we would be seeing the Google Assistant launch with all LG G6 units.
While this assistant has been exclusive to only the Google Pixel and Pixel XL units, mainly because they have it integrated into their OS, getting it on the LG G6 would be a welcome development, and would be the first time it rolled out to another device.

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