LG Introduces Its Gold Version Of G5

Mobile World Congress had past and major mobile talks regarding latest flagship phones are now over. But wait, there’s something that will catch market besides MWC event and this major product launch is on its way.

LG Introduces Its Gold Version Of G5

Though the recently concluded MWC left most in the market with so many announcement of its flagship device from LG and Samsung S7, news will continue to erupt and that is not foreseeable in the future.

So speaking with Galaxy S7 from Samsung, recent information just came in detailing some of its devices that was on preorder was now ready for shipping.

For LG on the other hand, the preorder stage was not yet started, so no shipping of its handsets are being processed as to this moment. However in order for them to keep customers notified about its latest updates they are sending out its notification mail every now and then so better check your emails regularly.

So expected in the next two to three weeks, LG seems to release a fresh video reminding its fans about the killer features that the handset offers. What catches the attention for this time was that LG showcase a Gold version of their G5 series in which this was not shown on the last advertisement.

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