LG makes the X Power available in the UK, sells for £199.98


The LG X Power is available in the United Kingdom for anyone that so wants a unit of the device and the one that has been launched in this region for now doesn’t come with a SIM and is sold unlocked. For now, though, it seems that it is available for sale from only one online retailer and that is no one but Unlocked Mobiles.

With the promise of a 24-hour delivery already thrown in the package to better entice you, you would be shelling out £199.98 to get it from them.

There is no doubt that the smartphone would soon be available courtesy of other retailers too and while there is the chance that some would offer it for less this price, others might hike up theirs and some might even go the way of freebie packages.

The announcement of the LG X Power was made in Ukraine back in May of this year and at that time, it costed an equivalent of $200 in that market which means that the UK customers have to pay more to get the same smartphone. Not to worry though because you should be used to this kind of price hike for this region already

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