LG reportedly testing own 64-bit CPU to match Snapdragon 810


Qualcomm is definitely having a run for their money as more OEMs try to go solo with CPU production. LG Electronics is the latest big player trying to make something that can withstand Qualcomm’s flagship Snapdragon 810 chipset when it comes to performance.

According to latest reports from Korea, LG is testing a 64-bit processor with four Cortex-A72 and four Cortex-A53 CPU cores. LG’s new system-on chip is supposedly based on a ARMv8 type due to its big.LITTLE architecture. The processor is believed to be based on a 20nm process while full scale production will be outsourced at TSMC.

There’s no info on the GPU powering LG’s processor or if the chipset will be found inside the company’s upcoming LG G4 flagship — which has from now till April to be further developed. We’ll keep you updated on what happens next.

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