LG Reveals K4 Smart on its Official Release Video


LG’s recent pre-CES 2016 event launched its two brand new Smartphones, namely LG K10 and LG K7. However, we have found out a new video that now confirms LG K4 Smartphone also exists in the market.


The recent video in YouTube that we found was uploaded by LG channel. It clearly shows three Smartphones with the names listed. However the, has not yet publically launched the mentioned Smartphone. There was no deep information till now on the specifications of the seen handset.

As you see the video, it is not so hard to interpret that K4 is much smaller than K7 and K10, which features 5 and 5.3 inches displays respectively.

While LG launched its K Series Smartphone this month, they said that new lineup will succeed its L-Series. The tech giant in South Korean noted the Smartphone duo’s glossy yet pebble design. It has special photography capabilities, the same with ‘premium UX’ but with higher feature devices.

As the company aimed to customers looking for affordable Smartphone, LG K10 sports both remarkable designs with quite a lot of configurations available, launched in 3G, LTE, two processor, and two camera.

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