LG Smartphone Journey 2016 Flashbacks and Forecast

LG got a tumultuous start in 2015 thanks to the bizarre incident during IFA trade show in Berlin. You may remember the comical accusations that LG executive willfully sabotaged Samsung washing machines in shopping mall in its attempt to secure a “competitive advantage”.

But all of those were not that crazy hijinks in 2015 for LG company formerly Lucky Goldstar, with a weak start product lineup and worrying earnings on the market trends making the company look like a tough year to survive.

Despite making great phones in 2015, LG suffer from same market fortunes every other large manufacturer besides Apple. Increased in market competition, plateauing market in mobile and increasingly easier said than done product differentiation put LG in tough spot all the way through the year.

LG G Flex 2 as the first product on its rank and it flopped its spectacularly, despite being light years better than the original G Flex. Most users blamed the device problems surrounding the Snapdragon 810 processor and the thermal throttling issues reason for G Flex 2’s poor performance, but whatever it was, its device set the stage for rollercoaster of the year.

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