LG teases the camera and audio quality of the V20 in new video

The LG V20 is not full out yet and LG is taking full advantage of that to get our palms itching the more to get our hands on the first smartphone in the world to run on the latest Android Nougat 7.0.

However, they have not even gone the way of software this time and the new teaser focuses in something even more intricate – the sound quality and as well, the powerful camera capabilities. From the first commercial, there is no doubt that what they are touting is the most revered Quad DAC that we have been hearing about for a while now and on the second commercial, we are treated to the Steady Record 2.0 feature, one that allows you to shoot very sharp videos that are free from the normal shake effect. Like the QuickCharge technology, this one is also a feature that was developed from the stables of Qualcomm.

According to a rumour that is making the rounds now, we might have to wait till the 21st of October before we start to see this beauty in the United States region.

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