LG think it’s funny to take digs at competitors

Like Samsung, LG is taking time out to take swings at it’s fiercest rivals, with the former not left out in LG’s fury.

Users who connect with Norwegian Air’s free Wi-Fi at M&C Saatchi in Stockholm, Sweden and Scandinavia, get to see a couple of clever ads from LG showing you how the LG G3 stands high against rival phones in pecking order.

The city of Stockholm has about 897,700 residents and one small cafe in a city of nearly a million isn’t the only place LG would like to advertise it’s supposed superiority.

LG think it's funny to take digs at competitors LG think it's funny to take digs at competitors2
Talking about the ads. The ads is just a couple of image-based pop ups that show up when users log on to the Wi-Fi network. LG has battery power in mind as the Apple iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy S5 were specifically targeted.

Now that shots have been fired from both the LG and Samsung camps, stay tuned to see what Apple has in stock as the Americans turn to in-house advertising.

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