LG V20 launches with audio strength, better camera and a durable build

The LG V20 has been made official already and while it comes with all of the things that made us love the LG V10 from last year, it included its own long list of improvements that made sure that this one would not be a walkover at all.

From what we have seen so far already, the V10 couldn’t not have had a better smartphone to take the baton from it and continue the good race of the V line up of smartphones of which there are just two members for now.

The rugged build on the V10 was ditched and in its favour, a better and lightweight body was put there. Being lightweight could trick you into doubting the durability of this smartphone but let us tell you here and now that it doesn’t in any way affect this because the V20 is as durable as can be under this kind of build, using the kind of aluminium employed for the build of planes and boat instead of the normal metals.

The audio department was really taken good are of and when it comes to selfies, even though this one has a single camera setup as compared to the double on V10, it ca still take wide shots too.

Regards availability, you can get your smartphone in different colour flavours of Titan, Pink (absent for the United States) and Silver and in the end, be powered by the massive 3200mAh battery

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