LG V20 set for release in the region of India

Just a few months ago, the world got introduced to what the Nougat would look like in a smartphone and for this edition, it was not the Pixel, Nexus or any other device form the line-up of Google that broke the ice but a very fast competitor from the South Korean region – LG.


With the launch of the L V20 came a lot of excitement in the market because this one really packed enough specs to be justified more than a flagship and given that it then had the latest software on it, there was no telling the amount of eyes on it.
Already not launched in a lot of markets, that has all changed in the space of the past few weeks which has seen the device launch in some regions and now, they would be adding the province of India to those regions today.


Indians, get ready, the LG V20 is coming to your doorstep and you dont have to jump through loopholes to have one anymore.
Although this means that the device has sat out about a month in the Canadian’s home space before coming to India, it is better late than never as they say. Already, LG has recorded a sale of about 200,000 units of this device in the United States alone and to make things more interesting, those figures are what they got from a 10-day sale.
Not bad for a flagship. Not bad at all.

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