LG V20 would be carried by all US networks, question is when?

The LG V20 couldn’t have come at a better time for itself and even though the iPhone 7 might be here to take some of the shine off of this Android powerhouse, those that have no love for Apple smartphones would still have all of their sights set on this one from LG.

What has even made the story more interesting is that with the new line-up of iPhones set sure to feature across major carriers in the United States, there is also no doubt that LG would be giving all carriers in the stateside the support need to carry and support the handset on their platforms also.

The big guns in the game such as AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon have all been speaking about Hhow they are going to be carrying the first Android Nougat device but what there is now is not the question of if they would, but when we would start seeing such units and what features would be included.

For AT&T customers, asides from the exclusivity to the network, we are thinking that the units they would be getting would offer support for Wi-Fi calling, advanced LTE coverages and HD Voice. T-Mobile itself has kept mute on what they would be including with their own package but we believe that their focus on the ONE programme would also have a plan for the LG V20 therein. Like AT&T offered, the Verizon LTE-A network would also work well with the V20.

Now that we have known these, when would the V20 be available via these carriers?

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