LG’s Bootloader Unlock Added on LG V10

Using LG’ V10 device on a different way? For those who wish to use the V10 but using the different ROM.


The only way to do it is to unlock the device on the bootloader. But for LG devices, this idea seems to be a challenge for them as the company locks the device up to the its bootloaders and then prohibit nonexistent.

So this time the company is offering a way for user to unlock its phone, in the past this has been offered thru the company’s official page in which it will guide LG owners to unlock bootloader on European variant of G4 and G5, and now they are adding it on V10 only for Europe.

But this was only offered for Marshmallow and will not work if the device is on Lollipop version, but in France will be an exception, because the device was not officially released on the said country.

On the other hand the company points out potential damages it could cause to the device when unlocking the bootloader, this can even void the stated warranty on the device, not just that if do it carelessly, you have to suffer the consequences, the official social media page of the company offers a step-by-step detailed instructions that will take through the unlocking process.

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