LG’s Cam Plus Unexpected Twist

Cam Plus

Lg’s Cam Plus offers on and off switch, and for first use, I assumed that using this switch would turn on the device module and deliver power to the device battery pack. But after its extended use you will find it that the module is somewhat cooperating.

Cam Plus

We I discovered that the device only charges for short period expected around 5 minutes when on and off switch or camera will be activated via shutter button on module. So if you still want to continue charging the device, you will need to reactivate the pack by just pressing the mentioned buttons.

In actual fact, this function was designed not to charge the device, but keeping the G5 from discharging while using the device in taking photos. What make it sense was the grand scope on how this device module intended to be used, and it will be a bit convoluted.

If the company is going to offer updated version in its future devices, they might want to consider better grip, more power in battery for flexibility, and status light for power level of battery.

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