LG’s G5 Device Teardown Reveals More Plastic Than Metal

One of the popular mobile makers LG proudly announced its latest flagship device during the concluded event held in Barcelona just last month, for those who have been on the even date. The company did not hold a single confusion for them to claim that their latest flagship device was build with “Metal”.

LG’s G5 Device Teardown Reveals More Plastic Than Metal

That company claimed that was announced during the event was not an issue for us as we didn’t see any questions to be raised with those statements.

However, the company’s claim of a device that was metal build might twist to worst as after finding out some information this might end up the company giving misleading information to the market.

So when we get one unit in our hands with the device, at first you will feel that it is really an “all metal handset”. We even stated on our previous post that this will be the first ever metal build phone with replaceable device battery

During our normal routine to search for some information about latest device on the market not just LG, we found a YouTube Channel owned by JerryRigEverything he published videos for testing Smartphone’s durability and even tearing down the device apart.

One of his video was about tearing down LG’s new Smartphone, in the video it shows a full tear-down and reveals all the device internal components. But what catches our attention was when the man took knife and scratched on the back of LG’s G5 and it shows that the supposed to be Metal build device contains lot plastic.

Scraping away its metal colored device finish reveals a substantial layer of plastic that was bonded to an aluminum shell.  So better watch the video on his YouTube channel and you decide if the company shares a misleading claim in the market.

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