LG’s G5 Now Open For Pre-order in United Kingdom At £529

Unexpectedly LG officially announces its first flagship Smartphone for 2016 just as Samsung wraps off its flagship Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

LG’s G5 Now Open For Pre-order in United Kingdom At £529

Gladly, the device launch was done on a different manner at different time. Of course the lunch them was really fun, and the new device looks like users will have lot of fun exploring it with its brand new mobile modular system that surely pays off.

So during the announcement period, we don’t have any idea when LG would be announcing its latest flagship device for 2016, making it available on market for its fans to buy. This time we found out and it turns out to be that consumers in United Kingdom will be the first market to place order with the devices. Of course as usual Amazon is already offering pre order starting to date.

UK Shoppers can now pre-order LG’s G5 SIM free and with variants of Rose Gold or Titan Gray for a price tag of £529 on UK Amazon( this was approximately $747 USD  including regular tax charges) delivery expected to be shipped April 8th.

So if you are in UK now and want to get first hand of the device, place your pre-orders now.

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