LG’s Home 4.0 Launcher App for G5 Now Released

It has been a tough decision for LG for them to remove App drawer as one of its stock launcher for G5. The application actually showed a different version of Smartphone home screen as what most users commented on the application feedback.

LG’s Home 4.0 Launcher App for G5 Now Released

As the stock app has been removed, an optional application drawer identified as Home 4.0 is now officially available for user download.

For those who want the app, they can download LG’s Home 4.0 app from the website named as SmartWorld, this site is company’s app storehouse. I would like to say this for those who are first timer on SmartWorld, to make your search handy use the search function and type “Home 4.0”. so after you install the app, you will then have y our new device launcher tagged as Home 4.0..

So LG’s drawer app Home 4.0 looks like a stock launcher of past LG handsets like G4. And I suppose to say that it was “Home 4.0” because it is still the old version. So you will see an app drawer, and this includes a Holo-style tab.

To be frank only few users will seek this app. Based from record, user may download something besides from Home 4.0 for them to experience LG’s alternative Smartphone home screen.

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