LG’s latest ‘Hi-Fi Plus’ Feature may not play with your G5 in US

LG error

LG touted their latest ‘Friends’ modular accessory in line with G5 since the last Mobile World Congress event.

LG error

As to date, there are only four modules available, but one may not work with the G5 if the device was purchased in United States.

The engineers are now testing and it seems that they will need more testing to be conducted, this was the initial findings that we found out, LG’s Hi-Fi Plus with B & O PLAY does not work with the T-Mobile’s G5 model# H850. So when you try to use this feature in an unsupported module? After swapping your battery to Hi-Fi Plus and then sliding into your G5, you will then be greeted with the message “insert supported module to turn on the phone”, and that’s all what it takes.

As we have mentioned previously, experts are still on the process of fixing the issue and the need to conduct more testing for them to fix the Hi-Fi Plus module on different United States models the Sprint , AT&T and  Verizon of G5. While its disappointing that such accessory would be locked on some regions.

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