LG’s latest patents show the company is still interested in flexible phones

Ah, here we are again. It seems each time we mention flexible or bendable our naughty minds drool over to the Apple iPhone 6 bendgate scandal. In this piece, we are don’t want to talk about accidental bends rather, we are looking at phones which might be key to the future for non-breakable phones.

The LG G Flex
LG Electronics has seized up some G Flex and G Frame names at the patents signaling their desire to invest in the flexible smartphone industry once again even as last year’s G Flex business came to an unsuccessful end.

G Flex Frame, G Frame, and F Frame were names registered by the South Korean tech company at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The development does not in any way mean that any of the devices will break cover anytime soon though LG can use these names any at will or even decide to sell them.

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