LG’s Latest VR headset Problem

As one of the component of LG’s list of new peripherals for its latest G5 flagship smartphone, LG recently created a lightweight VR headset, introducing the LG 360 VR.

LG’s Latest VR headset Problem

So like other Virtual Reality headsets launched in the market, this headset is obviously powered by smartphone device. But unlike Gear, the headset does not use a smartphone in which the screen will be displayed. Instead the headset will be slotted by G5 in the back case of the headset, the user can attach the device and synch it via USB-C cable and use 360’s internal screens.

The idea of the company made the headset at super light with an estimate of 118 grams, now LG’s mistake is its design of the headset. Instead of adopting face-hugging gaskets that was commonly used by most virtual reality device lit HTC Vive and Gear VR, the company opted a visor like headset setup. The LG’s VR perches contentedly on your nose, but a sizable gap between the users face and the headset makes it uncomfortable to use.

As a result you will see things outside instead of focusing inside of what the headset displays, and also edges displays are noticeable, and for some time you will feel that you looking to tiny screens that is very close to your face.

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