Lightroom’s Big Update For Android

Just recently the gaining popularity light room app for Android will be receiving its update today that will add features like toning doing it by split and removal of the haze that was added to iOS last 2015.

Lightroom’s Big Update For Android

But the real goal of this big update is bringing Lightroom’s app up to the recent update together with iOS app.  Adobe stated that almost everything we need is already pre-installed, just find time to use the app wisely, the app moves step ahead with iOS and this makes it interesting.

So with the recent update the app can now capture images shoots RAW photos. This feature will not work on most phones, but there is a good chance that you can activate this feature in the recent android device.

So these RAW files will allow most photographers to do whatever they want on it after they took the shot. Because these files are not yet compressed, so app editor like Lightroom can work with it in full data set, creating more flexibility on how image will be created.

But the only downside that we see with RAW files was that it could take lot more space like the traditional JPEGs.

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