Live Wallpapers With Brand New 360 Experience With LG’s G5

Have you remembered Live Wallpapers? This feature was introduced during the early day of Android, with this you can use animated wallpapers, allowing users to add little flair on their devices.

Live Wallpapers With Brand New 360 Experience With LG’s G5

For most users, this old feature was cool, in order for them to show off to other platforms operating systems. For reality this feature was a gimmick that consumes large power of your battery life.

Although old Live Wallpapers feature exist as inherent of latest Android versions, most mobile manufacturers chosen to neglect this feature by not offering it as standard options in new devices. LG G5 somewhat has different perception, and though G5 does not have traditional device backgrounds in ‘Live Wallpaper’, it offer something that is new in form of what they called 360 wallpapers.

So this 360 wallpaper is exactly interactive wallpapers which offer 360 degree view similar to Google Maps or the Photo Sphere.

By device default, LG somewhat includes two default backgrounds that can interact through users physical movement or even just by gestures. The 360 experience allows users to move their phone around and let the device background shift accordingly.

The gesture scroll somehow allows background to move the background in accordance with how users are swiping the screen. Both features offer interesting twist to a mundane device background experience.

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