A Look Back With LG G4 to G5

Look back lg g4

2016 MWC (Mobile World Congress) happens every year and for this year it is already around the corner, for sure there are Android phones that fans would surely feel its worth wait to have it on their hands.

Look back lg g4

To be more particular is on the flagship offerings from two Korean phone maker giants, Samsung Devices and LG, but before anything else, let us retrospect the possible flagship device in order, as we revisit S6 Galaxy let us look back with G4 from LG.

Last 2015, LG has its final holdout on its device offering an expandable device storage and its reinvented removable batteries, as to Samsung that have letting go these device feature to favor on its premium designs. As LG G4 becomes an option if these device features were important, imagine, an expandable storage still a good option on flagship device with G4, but the removable batteries lost its way on premium smartphones.

What G4 has offered creates an impact on the overall competition of smartphone sales and a big plus for them, but LG G4 managed package it all in to a elegantly  designed overall device, G4 offers curved display adopted from G Flex line, with staples like ultra thin bezels and button layout on rear.

LG G4 overall design has paid off its dividends, with ergonomically- curved body for smartphone that was considered the most comfortable to use. With unique elements, G4 looks something different from other Android available in market.

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