Lookback iOS TV Recording Better than QuickTime Screen Recording

Lookback is popular for those who frequently recording their mobile screen, and for the information this Apple app performs well than other screen recorder QuickTime.

Apple Lookback App

Lookback allows easy screen recordings not just Mac but Android operating system devices as well, and today they are introducing it on iOS screen recording via USB.

Although company’s own QuickTime by default allows user to record iOS screen from Mac, the main advantage here is the super easy video uploading and sharing on Lookback’s app and its ability to record Mac camera.

So this means that it can gauge better on those who have use the app during the testing period. This is useful for user who will do the recording on remote, better than far-flung testers that needs to fill in form about its experiences. And also this also makes the video demonstrations of apps, which you want, viewers to see your real face and a direct record thru mobile.

With so simple steps in setting up the recording app, just hook your device to your Mac thru USB, and then choose relevant input you on the. As of now Lookback is in beta product and it is free to use.

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