Lumia smartphones have been dropped from Microsoft Store’s homepage


There is a new change on the website page dedicated to Microsoft products and as of now, it seems that the global software giant has dropped the Lumia line-up from its homepage. It seems that the menu structure of this website was planned for a change about a month ago and that this is when the removal had been effected.

Where the Lumia section used to be has been given to another feature in the website – Education – but that doesn’t mean that the Lumia section has been gotten rid of altogether. Going to the dropdown list of devices, you would still find the smartphones that belong to this family there.

Whatever it might be that have caused Microsoft to take this decision, it is not a far cry to infer that they are not as passionate about marketing this brand as they were before anymore and this might be a move to rebrand the entire line of devices and come back with a bang, hoping to make a bigger effect on the market this time around.

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