Mark Zuckerberg Expresses His Support With Apple’s Encryption Fight

During the recently engaged Mobile World Congress, The Facebook Founder Mark together with Facebook believes in data encryption and creation of back-doors software are not that effective and even ethically dubious.

Mark Zuckerberg Expresses His Support With Apple’s Encryption Fight

Zuckerberg has his sympathy with Apple’s fight, and it not good for the government to risk the company who offer a mainstream device product in the mobile market that obviously most people use. And he thinks that it is not the right regulatory.

While his opinion siding towards Apple over reaching from strong encryption, social media owner hedged his support pointed that Facebook also does its part by complying warranted law enforcement other data requests. As Apple currently locking horns with DOJ over iPhone tied in last year’s shooting incident, Zuckerberg’s comments bearing on government’s tight anti-terrorism and cyber security campaign.

We surely have strong policies that if in case promoting terrorism or anything related to it, we will not happy to serve those types of people, those actions are not allowed on Facebook.

Federal Investigation together with White House stated its call for Apple to create a forensic tool that can crack Farook’s iPhone 5c. But on the other side, security experts together with Apple claims that bypassing security weakens iOS encryption and would put millions iOS device in danger.

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