Marshmallow update will improve Xperia Z5 battery performances

The Sony fans and loyalists that are well familiar with the Xperia line of Sony devices would know much about the battery management option that Sony has placed on board the device. This battery management option which has been aptly named the Stamina Mode by the developers itself, would give you the chance to have 400% off your battery when enabled. You might be wondering how this is done but it actually boils down to a simple technology.

Sony Xperia Z5, Compact and Premium

What the Stamina Mode simply does is that it helps you cut back on everything it is that is capable of laying a hold on some of your battery juice even when your phone’s screen display is off already. Activities such as background synchronization with application, device checking for updates and refreshing for new notifications (especially from social media apps) and all can lead to the draining of your battery, and the Stamina Mode prevents this.

Not to worry though because Sony has added the function that would allow you receive calls, MMS, SMS and get your alarm notifications.

These having been in place, Sony has announced the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update to some of its Xperia devices and we all knowing that the Marshmallow comes with battery saving options, Sony users are in for a great deal of battery saving now. The Sony Xperia Z5, Sony Xperia Z5 Compact and Sony Xperia Z5 Premium would all be receiving the Marshmallow update.

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