Marshmallow Update Now Rolling Out to LG G Stylo Device

Now it’s time for LG G Styloto receives the Android 6.0 Marshmallow Update, when it comes to software update, we suppose cannot blame the OEMs for focusing on flagship devices before providing down the official list.

Marshmallow Update Now Rolling Out to LG G Stylo Device

Today LG rolled out its Marshmallow update to G4 devices, but if your handset was not that model stated but instead own company’s lower spec budget device LG G Style, the company did not forgot you.

So according to our source, T-Mobile now pushing out the Marshmallow update to LG G Stylo, based from those who successfully upgraded their devices, the update size was 768 MB size, so doing your update would require you a stable WiFi and not to use your Data so it will not eat it. Not just that, updating takes time to make sure your device is neither plugged in or fully charge to complete the update without any error.

The company announced this update early 2015 and this is good for those who cannot afford a high end device, since despite that the company release its budget T-Mobile did not neglected it.

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