Marshmallow update starts rolling out to HTC One M8 GPe


Google started to produce the Google Play Edition of Android devices in collaboration with the device manufacturers sometimes ago and although the programme has since been stopped, it seems Google has not overall forgotten the users of these devices. With HTC having announced that the users of one of its Google Play Edition devices, the HTC One M8 GPe, would be getting their push to the Marshmallow platform sometimes in October, it came as a(n) (expected) shock when HTC announced that there had been some kind of delay, such delays as which HTC is known for too.

However, there’s some good news in the air as the updates have now started to roll out to users of this type of device. Weighing in at 450.4MB, the Marshmallow update brings with it new permission settings, the Doze feature, Google now, battery and other general improvements and as well, bug fixes.

This makes it the second device that HTC would have running on the Marshmallow, iPhone 6S doppelganger – the HTC One A9 – being the first.

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