Marshmallow Update Sweetens HTC, LG And Samsung Smartphones

A swing to all phone makers, including Samsung, HTC and LG as they are now pushing all their flagship device  to upgrade to Android 6.0 Marshmallow. However, the recent version of android update will not work with most of its smartphones.

Marshmallow Update sweetens Samsung lg and htc

Just recently Google says that its Android 6.0 update will only reach small fraction of overall android handsets, but it will change slowly.  Since giant phone makers in the world start rolling out its Android 6.0 update to its entire best device.

Dated February 1, around 1.2 percent of total android device accessing Google Play store that runs Marshmallow, the figure was really low and its abnormal, especially that percentage of device running iOS reached 85 percent. Older versions of Android account for 17 percent of Android handsets, 34.1percent for Android, while Android KitKat holds 35.5 percent and Androids Jelly Bean for 23.9 percent.

And just this week the company said that they will now rolling out its update, the Android 6.0 to its Galaxy S6 and Edge. Other device will then follow in the few days.

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