Marshmallow update taken to Google Nexus S by Android developer


Google, the company that is not only responsible for the web search engine and service but also for the Android Operating system, have led us to believe over years that the Android system can only support much more recent versions as age catch up on oldies and new Android softwares get released. An experienced and highly skilled Android developer has however shown that even much older versions are capable of using the newest Android versions only if much interest is vested into them likewise.

Dmitry Grinberg has somehow managed to employ his wealth of experience in making the Android Marshmallow 6.0 available for use on the Google Nexus S. While many might not see this as an interesting feat yet, it might be wise to remind us that the Nexus S is a 2011 phone that stopped getting Android updates from Google in 2012 and was held at 4.1.2 Jelly Bean.

The ingenuity of Grinberg’s idea comes from the fact that he managed to merge the double storage partition that comes with Android devices of old into one for the space to even hold a Marshmallow, which is a rather lengthy and strenuous process.

With this demonstration, all devices should then be eligible for the Marshmallow.

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