MasterCard Upcoming “Selfie Pay” And Heartbeat Authentication

MasterCard unveils its plan to bring a new feature called “selfie pay”, this feature is merely another level of security.

MasterCard Upcoming “Selfie Pay” And Heartbeat Authentication

Just last year this trailing technology was started by the company in which it uses a facial recognition in order to authenticate the users identify. After testing on some countries, the company says that they will now rollout this security feature after it gained positive feedbacks from its testers.

So to use the selfie pay feature, first client will download a MasterCard app directly on their handsets or even tablets. Then after entering the needed data like credit card information a normal process during an online payment, they will then hold the device and then take a picture.

Every user needs to blink in order to prove that they are not holding a certain photograph in from of the device camera, and the MasterCard algorithms will then say if the picture is real or fake by using video.

MasterCard decided to add the new feature or facial recognition system and this can only be used if certain authentication is required and of course security is based whether the transaction is normal or not.

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