Huawei Mate 9 Rumored To Feature 20 Megapixels Dual-Camera

Following M8 with Mate 9, Huawei now features its latest Kirin mobile processor.

Mate 9 From Huawei Rumored To Feature 20 Megapixels Dual-Camera

We can say that now, we find Huawei “Mate” series code-name odd indeed, maybe because we are not on their feet or we are British as well and it is fairly well established colloquialism in this side, but the way to slice it, the certain term is a companion, buddy, or even friend; which we get it, your device can be your “companion”, but it reminds us of Inbetweeners making us imagine of “ooooh! phone friend!” It seems bit nerdy in summary.

Anyway, previous device model of Huawei the Mate 8, was fantastic with its battery performance; even processor performance was damn good because of Huawei’s self developed Kirin processor technology, Quite capable that even gives Samsung’s Snapdragon tech a run for money.

Following Huawei P9, rumors now emerging that Huawei will revive Mate series with Mate 9, the old version was just in the market for few months. Still, Mate 9 sounds promising with it’s allegedly features device features yet unannounced.

Not much known about P9 this stage, we still don’t have any idea when this will be out in market. However other snippet info tells us on its camera setup. The information say that the handset will have 20 Megapixel Pair sensors on rear setup, however it is still not confirmed.

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