Meitu Announces T8s, M8s, and V6 Smartphones

Meitu Announces T8s, M8s, and V6 Smartphones

Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Meitu, has announced a new line of smartphones.

The tech company released three new smartphones in the range as Meitu T8s, M8s which are both upgrades to the M8 and the T8 smartphones which was released earlier.

Also, the tech company released yet another smartphone in the V series as V6.

The T8s, like the T8 comes as a camera centered smartphone and comes packing a dual camera setup on the front panel. The rear panel also plays host to a dual camera setup.

However, the specifications to be expected on the smartphones are yet to be revealed although the tech company noted that the Meitu T8s will cost about $610.

The company further revealed that the pre-orders for the smartphone will begin as from September 19 before it is made official on September 26.

The M8s comes as a bumped-up version of the M8 and is also expected to come into market on October 26.

The V6 comes as a successor to the V4 smartphone and will be officially unveiled in November selling for an approximately higher price compared to the two.


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