Meizu currently planning a lesser RAM variant for the MX6

Gone are the days when only the people with deep pockets can make use of high end smartphones and get all the beauty of design and great specs to themselves but sine the time when OEMs discovered the idea of variants, that has not been the norm anymore.

It is for this reason that Meizu would also want to extend the scope of the people that they are offering the MX6 to and now, they have launched officially that this handset would be getting another variant to call its own.
With the main MX6 launched with a 4GB of RAM, this new one would keep all other specs constant and vary the RAM to 3GB, just 1 gigabyte lesser than what would normally go.

Talking about all other specs, we are referring to the 5.5 inch of screen which is set at a resolution of 1080p, the 32GB internal storage space, the camera combination of 12MP on the rear and 5MP in the front and the total powering by a battery of 3060mAh which we expect should last longer than the first model due to the reduced processor and CPU rate.

The new variant would sell for RMB 200 less than the first and open sales at RMP 1799, equivalent of $270, and would go on sale from 1st October.

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