Meizu MX 6 gets 3.2 million registrations ahead of July 30 flash sale

Mx 6

Meizu is set to report a very impressive third quarter earnings with the way their devices are currently doing in the smartphone market. With the release of the Meizu Pro 6 came a lot of comfort because with the high end specifications offered at a reduced price, they made a lot of money off of that franchise and now that they have recently announced the Meizu MX 6 for the middle range users, they are set to get even more to be happy about.

The Meizu MX 6 has been announced for less than 24 hours and ahead of its flash sale which is set to hold on the 30th day of July, the smartphone has already managed to gather about 3.2 million registrations. Given that the registrations would be open till the 29th of July, there’s so much more potential left in this device.

What makes it so desirable? Well, the 5.5 inch display which has been set at resolution of 1080 x 1920 is operated by a MediaTek Helio X220 chipset, running on a CPU with 10 cores and clocked at a RAM of 4GB.

Coming straight from the manufacturer is an inbuilt 32GB internal storage memory which makes saving pictures from the Sony-powered 12MP back camera and the 5MP front shooter less demanding on space. Sold at $300, it is also quite affordable.

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