Meizu posts records, ammasses massive 22 million unit sales in 2016

Meizu had a pretty good year last year, and they would be hoping to make 2017 the year when they beat their own records for the previous year again. Not only were they able to launch a number of units, they were also able to sell a lot more and now, they are in the plans for a great 2017. 
Earlier in the day, they held an event in China and this was where they revealed the number of units they were able to sell last year, standing at a whopping 22 million units.

This record makes sure that Meizu has now secured its place in the Chinese market as one of the top brands, and they are in the league of the highest selling OEMs that the region has ever seen. Of all the 22 million units sold cross all units also, they recorded that about 10% of the total bulk were sold outside of the country.
To make sure that this trend doesn’t stop, we have seen something like a roadmap that shows that they are preparing 6 devices for this year.

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