Meizu set for a September 5th unveiling of a device that could sell for RMB 1799


It is no more news that Meizu is holding an event on the 5th of September and that here, we are bound to see a new smartphone hit the market. What is however news being the name of this smartphone itself or even, any specs on it because they have managed to keep a very tight lid on everything.

However, we know that this new device is aimed at those that are more business oriented and while we have been wallowing in the waters of ignorance, new photos have surfaced which claim to be that of the new device.

From rumours already, we have heard that the September 5 unveiling would also bring to life a device called the Meizu Max  but what we do not know is whether or not this one that has leaked will be the Max, or there would be more than one unveiling altogether.

As regards pricing, when a question was thrown to the voice assistant on one of Meizu’s smartphones as regards what smartphone the Chinese OEM would be releasing on said date, it simply replied with ‘1799’. Assuming that to be in pricing information in the RMB currency, that should translate to about $270 on the free exchange market.

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