Micromax has started producing mobile phones on Indian soil

Micromax has start producing mobile phones in India

The Indian economy surely got a boost when the second biggest phone vendor in the country announced it has started manufacturing it’s handsets within the borders of the Asian country.

Micromax has start producing mobile phones in India
Micromax, commanding some 13% of the mobile phone market share, has been outsourcing the production of it’s mobile phones in China.

“Micromax has (a) manufacturing plant in Rudraprayag where it manufactures LED and tablets. The company started manufacturing mobile phones couple of months back,” an source told us.

Micromax was, before now, already making it’s tablets’ hardware right in India where it holds 8.9 % market share of tablets.

It’s not clear if Micromax is using it’s Rudraprayag, India, production plant for the production of the phones as well, but it seems likely, considering a usual factory in this modern day can be easily scaled and expanded.

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