Microsoft To Acquire Xamarin For Future Cross Platform App Creation

Microsoft just announced its plan to acquire Xamarin Mobile App development, the amount paid was not stated, giving Microsoft a tool for them to create mobile apps that works with other platforms like Windows Phone, iOS and Android.

Microsoft To Acquired Xamarin For Future Cross Platform App Creation

As to date, Xamarin  has a total of 15,000 existing clients including popular market brand names like JetBLue and Coca-Cola in which this allows developers to code a single language while testing it on both platforms.

Xamarin offers unique way for developers to test the created apps using cloud devices. Microsoft has a long partnership with Xamarin and now here now Microsoft officially announces to acquire the partner company. So with the acquisition announcement, this will enable them to work more creating a top of the line developer tools with seamless integration with mobile apps.

Microsoft spent better part since 2014 establishing on mobile as app maker for competitors’ platforms. The ultimate goal is to develop software that can run window and office on every available device. Of course the goal on software development that can run on other platform includes Android, iPhones, and iPads.

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