Microsoft Artificial Brain Now Available to One-Up Google


Microsoft open sourced its artificial intelligence framework that uses speech recognition as digital assistant and that allows Skype application functions. A feature that is on development mode which allows anyone or users in the world free to view, modify, and access Microsoft code in developers convenient way.


Microsoft’s framework is a CNTK based on artificial intelligence codename “deep learning”, which functions as helper and seeks to help machines do things and recognize photos and videos or by understanding human speech by mimicking functions and structure of human brain.

Most Tech giants invested heavily in this research for years. Hire many academics who pioneered the mentioned field. Now, publish their research so it can be critiqued and advanced by researchers, these companies releasing their deep learning software in the same way.

Last 2015 Google open sourced TensorFlow an artificial intelligence engine, the company uses for its own applications, including the voice recognition in the Android and even the flagship search engine. Soon after other company like Facebook open sourced its designs for custom hardware designed to run the latest search AI algorithms.

Microsoft’s CNTK is similar to Google’s TensorFlow, but code was restricted to non-commercial use. And now Microsoft is letting it for anyone, including corporations, they can use CNTK for whatever they want.

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