Microsoft Brings Windows Word Flow keyboard to iOS


Microsoft has always been showing its compatibility with iOS and Android systems. Example the Cortana personal assistant launched by Microsoft compatible on both platforms, and the Selfie app from Microsoft for iOS and soon both users will get a goodie that they can play with.


Now Microsoft brings Word Flow keyboard to iOS, this is a stock keyboard usually set up on Windows devices, and often admired for its amazing speed. In an Email that was sent by Windows Insider Program, it says that they are on the process of working with Word Flow Keyboard integrating it with other platforms, and they started it with iOS.

There was no such word when will Word Flow testing begin for iOS users, and it is also unclear what those other platforms that Microsoft points about. Considering the overall size of Android users and Microsoft already launched several apps for that platform, though this would not be a breakthrough seeing it on Android system.

The recent news that Microsoft released was its plan to bring Word Flow to existing platforms, as usual more options on keyboards was always a good thing. The result may vary on how well Microsoft’s Word Flow App performs on iOS.

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